Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Era London, yea?

i totally forgot about this. I had heard rumblings that this was blasting off.


I'll offer more deets when I get more shots. The security guard reminded me of a photo ban. Say what??

I will say this: it's BY FAR the nicest between all the others: that includes Buffalo as well as the 4th & Broadway NY, NY store.

In anycase, this is the only shot that i could offer you cats. Working on more... stay tuned, yea?

Shouts to my Sid who is grinding. He's got another surprise soon... Hold tight. Sid, I need some dates, yea?

click for bigger...

** BTW **

To all my US muchachos and guapasitas. Happy 4th of July. It does not get more American than New Era, yea?


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