Friday, March 14, 2008

Kissey & Telley


Man, been a week since I last dropped in and 2 weeks of sparse soliloquies. Been busy in the fields as always around this time of year, it gets too crazy! Even crazier is the fact that I've yet to hit the sack. Between watching a bad film, and getting online to tell a friend about it, getting a call @ 1.27am, then getting online w/ a muchacha in HK, then CB who was on her way to Pearson, for a flight to Cuba... It all adds up to Hizzy @ 7.34am.

Anyhow, around this time I do my best thinking and surfing. And, as usual - I always pull out a treat. I just grabbed Kissey Asplund's Fuss n Fight EP.

I can't immediately recall how and where I came across this Swede's music - maybe Jay and ASG, but that was an immediate bookmark. And as I peruse her myspace some more, I see that she's has an EP out - so I bought it online. So then, as I go thru her page... BAM! She mentions MIAMI. Man o man I hope she reaches. I'm so down. Her music's dope too... ;)

Wrd is that all her beats are courtesy of a crew from FRA. How sick is that?? I'll get into that next time. But in the meantime, here's a dbl dbl. 1st the video for title track off the EP.

And now, a track off that EP. Another banger - w/ a touch clearer audio. Kissey's such a cutie - no lie, just facts. Hold this riddim called Entrapped. Hollerate & enjoy. Seen.


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