Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It All Adds Up

I still recall the day I was in Toronto years ago sometime in the late 90s, hit the Beat Factory offices and walked in looking for I don't know who, but I just happened to be there when a set of promos arrived. A 6 or 8 song EP from Down To Erf feat Mathematik. It all added up. The beats, the rhymes... I was officially down for the cause.
My man Math has been one of the most over looked MCs out. I used to bang his joints out all day long. That Ecology record was a Cinderella sleeper if you ask me.
Anyhow, shouts to my man Mike who brought this out the coffers. Good Look.

I had to throw one in. This is the joint that sold me on Math and Down To Erf as well. Such a dope track. Click. Enjoy.


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