Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MIMA all day...

Shouts to my man Ty G who's got a dope podcast running. Been there from jump and it's only getting tighter.
A few months back, I wrote about a landmark edition of his podcast (vol 17 I believe) where newest citizen de la ciudad, The Deacon of Detroit (he recently expressed his love for that moniker) was guest for what would be a scintillating set - one that had the in-ter-net going nuts (what ever happened to Paul Wall anyway??). Cats were stepping to me about "Dude, did you hear the new House Shoes mixtape??". ;)
So today I got a text from my man Shoes saying that the new podcast was up. So I left the cotton fields and raced home since I moved all my music to an external now. 1nce home, I logged on, clicked and just watched the data move....

DJ House Shoes is back @ it again, with a new set for the 4th volume of the newly re-baptized HVW8 podcast, MiMA - Music is My Art.

As usual, Shoes slipped in some bangers - the type that will make you wanna punch your girl in her stomach (verbatim): some unreleased Guilty, some Paul White (WOWSERS), and some of his own joints as he had last time. Say wrd.
Well, you cats make sure to get up on this one. Ty G's been working hard to make this a quality podcast featuring some great ppl as guests... I'm just waiting in line for my shot! Ty, put ya man on!
In any case, I suggest that you make it happen - subscribe to it via iTunes, or just hit the site where you can download it in it's entirety.

Just a few more days until the big show.... HOUSE SHOES!



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Richniques said...

This is crazy i just downloaded this yesterday . Was doing Some music diggin ( looking for the perfect beat). Must have been the force lol