Monday, March 24, 2008

Bienvenido A MIA

Yes, it is that time of the year. Black Music, Big Riddims, b-r-o-k-e-n-b-e-a-t... Guys that either do not get booked for Toronto dates and/or they slide under the radar and/or the CAD$ cannot match the strength of the £. Period. But this is a special week though, where good things happen. I still recall last year's events... But this year might be my most anticipated one yet.
For justifications such as the music, but as well the contacts as I'm looking to re:up, touch base with certain cats and making plans for my EU tour of duty this summer (more on that soon). But this is looking to be a pretty solid week. Gonna keep it very quick and to the point.

Good music.

Here are the flyers in no particular order.

Word is that this is the last night of the legendary Brit Broken Beat Bashment: CO-OP. Well, being the case or not, I'll be there.

Benji B told me about this one. How can I not be there?? Benji B?? As if... It was nice to have him in town this past Oct for 2 of the best weeks of my life, but to get to rap with him again is always love. This should be a nice night.

Shouts to my man Garwin @ OM. And another shout to my man Black Spade who got this dope record out: To Serve With Love. Been loving what OM Hip Hop is doing. A little under the radar if you're not checked them out, but this will be a good set of bashments. Indeed.

Scion, for an automotive company does it up w/ the arts like RedBull does with the Music Academy: no holds barred. Anyhow, they have a few nice nights in the lineup - musts peep.

Speaking of the RedBull Music Academy, my extended fam is here in MIA. Dope. You know I'll be there just on the strength. Benga?? Man, did not get to rap w/ him long enough when he was in Toronto. Dope.

Ron Trent, Karizma, Djini Brown.... Are you kidding me?? Oh yea... you might recall my post about Kissey and Telley. Well, Kissey will be here as well, so it's so on.

Raw Fusion Records had one of my fave parties last year. Got trashed and got to hear such sweet music. Ran in to that cat Red Estair which was dope. Hope he's down this year... But this will be a nice one as well. A must reach.

I don't like to play when it comes to anything a Giant Step. As long as they keep running it here, I'll keep reaching. Jazzanova?!?! Roland Appel?!?! Well, as much as stood agape when they were both in Toronto for RBMA, I'm never tired of seeing and hearing this guys play. Amazing. Germans know how to do it.

Possible icing on the whole weekend as this will be my last day in MIA. I've done talked about this long and hard last year, and this will be no exception. Man. Can't even wait...

And last but not least - a yearly event that brings em out. This will be my 3rd year @ this night and man... if I could just dig up the shots of the last few years - shouts to my man Alex Coley who will be missed, but there in spirit man!


I almost forgot to mention this. Looks like we're waiting for something big to happen....

Not even sure what to say. I don't even have time anyhow. I'm racing thru this because I'm off to a night down the street: Daz-I-Kue, Djinji Brown and co... FREE. That's right. ok.

Chat Soon.


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jp said...

"not for commerical dance music muthaf*****s!" hahahahahahahahaha! -- from the king of commercial hiphop music. now - that's funny.