Sunday, June 01, 2008

Very Big Wayne

So on a calm Sunday, between flipping thru the Sunday Times, and being online for reference - which is a must these days, I recalled 2 things:

June 1st had arrived (wow. That was fast).
Black Music Month was officially underway.

Though, I don't imagine that many knew, acknowledged or even recalled that June is BMM, but this is something that I'll be sure to recall for the 20 something days remaining.

So when opening a new page online, I stumbled on the Apple top 10 singles (I gather thru sales via the world's #1 music retailer iTunes) and I had to do a double take.

Say what??

I thought I had seen Lil' Wayne 2wice on their top 10 chart....

Ha. Was I ever wrong. He's on the charts alright: x3 times

How does this come about?? I still recall a day when I could not tolerate soy milk gone bad or Lil Wayne verses, as both were pungent. But as very well documented, Lil Weezy's recent spit has had a low pH, acidic and sharper than the blade of a decorated samurai swordsman.

I need to go back and listen to the new material, as I have admittedly not paid much attention my man's recent moves. From the music to the styling, I must admit that there's something of much greater interest now. The Mr Mee Too look now long behind him, and collabo's w/ Ye among the many banging all day, it almost makes me proud to say that I'm curious about his rumored Haitian bloodline.

In any case, LIl Wayne: 3 is the magic #. Hit it out the park Weezy.

Happy BMM.


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