Friday, June 13, 2008

3000kms and running!

NWA said it. I MEANT IT!

My updates have been infrequent of late. As I mentioned, I've been SLAVING on the road and it's not been pretty. Sun and slaving so do not mix. I was trying to get all my clients inline like skates @ the X-Games, but none of that was to occur. My trip to EU has been put on hold!

I might crack that smile, but ain't a DAMN thing funny. I really wanted to get out of here. I'm in fact a little upset!

So many cats I planned to buck up with, argh! But all love.

My man Waajeed is in town tomorrow. Not seen him inna minunte. Speakerbruiser is in town today, and the sun is shining. What else can I ask for right now?? Well... Maybe to be able to make it out EU next week. ARGH!

Well, Blu is in town as well next week.... So, it will be great week then.

Alright. I feel.... a bit better. LOL.

Since I'm kinda done, I might actually wil'out this weekend. If the sun permits. Ok. Back to work!

Hold this theme song, and catch you in a hot one.

100 Miles And Running - NWA

Hza Banger!


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