Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all love: Friends n Fam

how many of us have them,
Before we go any further let's be friends...

I will admit that I've amassed a few friends in my travels. But, I also ask you this: why the hell not?? I still recall Ghetto Gold's bewilderment when he sat down to have din din in London UK this year, only to be asked if he new this chap called "My Man Henri". He just laughed. Shouts to Ghetto Gold and Brad @ New Era!

But I also tell you this: I love to sit and chat life. If we somehow share interests, you will have mine as I enjoy personal perspective. All Day.
As such, I had been wanting to dedicate a section of my blogosphere to cats I like to kick it with. Whether it be music, art or just what they do. Be it that since turning my new leaf after the RBMA07, I have more than ever submerged and surrounded myself in music 1nce again. But I love it too much not to (reasons I have temporary contempt for work right now! ARGH!).

Rules are simple: there are none. Chat as you want, chat what you want and chat who you want.

With that, it's my pleasure to offer my space for the inaugural guest post to a fine young Swedish singer who's lovely music i came across not so long ago. But you know how this online life is: we're all neighbors. So I knocked on her door one day asking for a splash of coffee (I put it in my hot choco soy), and guess what? She was home. We have since then kicked whenever possible. ;)

To inaugurate my friends & fam column, special guest blogger, Kissey Asplund, as she chats about the ladies in her life. ;)

My women, Henri!

Henri have you check these ladies out? I know that you proberbly have, but let me post about them on here. Sweden seems to be pulling out some nice cards in the music world right now but there are 3 ladies that had the taste of Swedish soil that are doing GREAT things. 1 ahead and 1 upcoming and 1 is a real little teaser

Miss lady 1

Yarah Bravo.

Queen of London, The One Self MC, Dj Vadim’s sidekick, fashionlady and more, more, more
Latest news : She’s Touring Brazil
Latest single: 6toys feat Yarah Bravo – Wanna Ride

One of my favorites: KidKanevil feat Yarah – Fire


Miss lady 2


Myspace // Blog

MC and songstress that works with Hudson Mohawke. She’s one of the says ooops!'ers, IG Culture brought her with him and his ”bring the noise” to Cameroon etc etc e t c

Latest news: Coming to LA!

Want to hear some? Download this radio link with ”Alexander the nut” on Rinse.fm

Finally and the biggest teaser of them all:

Miss lady 3


No! it’s not the Rahel that sings the magical vocals for Erik Lau. This is another beautiful lady that sits here in Sweden and doesn’t make a lot of noize. But people, people go up on her myspace and have a listen. I’ve just fallen in love with her and I can’t stop listening at all…. She’s so cute! But a teaser. We are awaiting the first release from this lady still ...

Shouts to Kissey for the love. All day. Where's that Rustie joint?? HOLLA! BTW, if you've not picked up some of Kissey's riddims, you're not living right. I've chatted this in the past, and even more distant past, so go nuts.


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