Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crush! Kill! Destroy Stress!

You f*cking know it. (sorry).

Man, this had been a sh*tty end of week. Work has been a touch more trying that it should be. My hopes of an EU tour of duty got thrown out like Hillary's bid for the presidency. For real. But, as usual, the sun shines upon a man and I have nothing to say or do but to smile and hop on the Spaniard and ride.

Was feeling very retro today. Almost coincidently, I was feeling very anti-street wear as JR Ewing has been of late. Enough with that sh*t. I had to bring back to the jersey (Peace to the pure shooters: Allan Houston all day) and the matching kicks ni**a! Hugging the block all day and stay ghe-tto like plastic cups...

So why did Cheese have to rock a pair of orange kicks as I did?? WTF is that all about?? Someone else got orange joints?? ARGH. All love my dude.

But for real, today was so lovely. Rode like a champ on the streets, was chilling by the Nike MMVA gifting suite all day, and drank vodka redbulls. Say wrd.

This all came after my new beta mxtp that I recorded just hours earlier. More on that later.

The block was pretty hot. We sat and ppl watched the whole time, listening to bands rehearsing for the mess that will be Queen St for the MMVAs that go down tomorrow. I forget how crazy Queen gets on a Saturday, esp when it's nice out.

But for the most part, watching ppl come thru the suite and running into old cats was always love. Your boy Bug Sox aka Big Sock-it-To 'EM aka Saukrates came thru. Been a minute my dude. Wont' say anything about the tight clothes though. Holy role reversal. Looking fwd to the new record dude. Say wrd.

Shouts to the P and Killa.

Shouts my man Tòmas for his 4 yrs of laboring. He's now a U of T grad. Say wrd. 4 yrs already?? That's nuts. I guess that's what 4 yrs of hard schooling will get you my dude: a pretty pink bag from Holt Renfrew. ;)

Extra big shout to ChuckY. Always hard @ work dude. Let's have some ALive chats soon dude. 7 Lite all day.

Anyhow, as usual there's an overabundance of activities tonight: NXNE showcase w/ PPP. Say wrd 'Jeed. Buckshot and 9th Wondra are @ Harborfront. Oh yea, Junior Reid is there as well... One Bloodclawt! And there's more... The night's bound to be hot as usual.

Where's the afterparty??

Holla if you know. I love these days....



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