Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8ight Bit Love: Hayzee

How do I start this?? Shouts to Kissey for such a priceless link. This is what I'm talking about. Honestly. That love. After kicking it @ the AIM Café for a few, she was like "You need to holla @ my man Hayzee." Oh yea?? So, in the next breath, she emails me this dude's work and his contact. So wrd. We offered goodbyes and she headed back to BMA and I, YYZ.
So, Hayzee is the name. That 8 Bit computer riddims is his "game". Pun fully intended. I know that some cats have messed with sampling games and all, but it doesn't oft sound that tight (Shouts to my man MAT64 who is killing on the game front, in a more classic style. Had a set @ the RBMA Lounge @ Sonar for those who might have been there).
In comes Hayzee with this wonderful arrangements. Are you kidding me?? What's up with the water in Holland?? I need to bring some back.
So Hayzee emails me and is like... "Lemme know how you like it". Well. Here you go Hayzee. Praise onto you. Love it. Looking fwd to playing more or this man. Say wrd.
So could I really say anything else, but: Press Start?

Say wrd.


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