Thursday, June 05, 2008



Fresh off the hwy. Been a crazy week, but always got time for my ppls.

For a min, my man Ty G and I have rapped about getting HVW8 back in Toronto. He being in lax, and I in yyz and our schedules being all over, things were a little harder to coordinate.

But the good ppl @ RedBull Canada made it happen. They launched the 381 Projects which is meant to be an periodic art show with the launch having taken place during Contact Photo.

A fresh night indeed. Live work by HVW8 and an amazing live band called Torngat. I had to pull some RedBull ppl aside and give them a full thumbs up on that selection.

In any case, love to see ppl come out for some good art and music. Shouts to my man P107 who secretly was shooting all this time I knew him. WTF?!?! Did not know my dude.

The exhibit is still up and running, and you can get all deets @ 381 Projects dot com. Say wrd.

OK. Back to work. More shots here



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