Monday, October 13, 2008

I Don't Wash

I hate it in fact.

Last night was Wayne Warner's infamous Premium Denim Affair (Stop it P!) and I had an small appetite for this one as it was just moments after the Maxwell show and I was fully around the corner.

But sadly, i was hit with a triplicate of challenges. First, my date was uninterested, the gang of usual cohorts were all scattering, and thirdly, I ultimately didn't have my fave pair of dnm adorning my slim backside.

Which?? Well, i'm glad you asked! ;). Last summer, during my Tour Of EU, I went and did a little bit of shopping despite the diminutive CAN$ vs the £. But I did make my way down to Top Shop to purchase what would become my most top rated paid or jeans. A raw wash with a resin type finish. Just lovely.

So, as many of you who know me have learned, I have a no wash dnm policy. I figured that you wear jeans and then take them off. That's it. 1nce dnm as been washed, it's never the same. The day that i wash my dnm is when it's been officially relegated to Sunday clothes status, never to grace the halls or surroundings of a social soirée.

I had been recently riding my Giant hard with my Top Shops on, and in fact, I had them on during the most famous bail. All of that had taken place w/o a single wash. The time had finally come as they were propagating a hum. I reluctantly dumped them in the wash.


Aware of the jeans would rise from these cold waters with a new identity, I pulled them out and voilà:

The new wear is now very evident. The deep color has now vanished just as the resign coating has, and I just don't feel they're as banging. Saddening.


Would you have it that a good lady friend of mine is in London right now, and is making her way down here?? Well... I'm glad to announce that earlier today I sent my request across the pond in a quick electronic communication aka an email. So as it stands right now, I should have new pair on their way.

Can't wait. Say wrd.


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