Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Trick Called Tuesday (exorcising exercise)

Part of my rehabilitation has been a 2 pronged affair. 1st, getting on my bike and riding outside of the security of my crescent was going to have to happen. That took place Saturday on the Gardiner Expressway of all places.
Part 2wo however was going to be the bigger endeavor. Tuesday, TOFXD massive meet @ the Trinity Bellwoods rink and go flip around and work on tricks. My last time there, I essentially nailed the skids, but had not been since my bail. I decided to tag along @ least for the ride, thinking that I was simply going to play the side. Then I rolled in and....


Yep I could not resist the nectars of these fruits. Shout outs to Ted P who documented the whole night.

Last night was hella fun and more importantly, I was able to shake it all off. I'm still pretty much @ sea and nonplussed as to how I actually did bail, but last night was my return, a perviously described Clint Malarchuk-returning-to-the-ice-moment:

my exorcising exercise.

Feels good to ride again...


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Tom Mosher said...


I am super glad that you've overcome the barrier holding you back, you were ripping on tuesday!

Now turn those skips into hockey stops!