Monday, September 15, 2008

The Money Shot aka The Inconvenient Truth

So, after seeing the Good Doctor who dealt with my case Friday AM (the one fixed me up just enough so that I could actually leave my house and show my face), he also sat me down to give me his earnest and humorless opinion: I had some serious work ahead of me.
Although I did look relatively fine on the outside, the inner workings of my humanoid engineering were far from being hale and hearty

I have a deep fracture that will likely require some surgery. HUH?? Say again Doc?? The chances I can avoid the surgery are not good. Well... that was Doc #1. So, I packed my overnight bag and headed East to see the lone Doc i've know all my life. After paying $1.51/L for gas, I made my way to see my fave doc. His prognosis?? La misma. He even added that my chances for a simple procedure were even less...

That folks, was the Inconvenient Truth.

Man, I feel like I've been given a hand with 4 doubles @ dominos - so I can't call for a reshuffle. A victory is within the realms of possiblity, but the #s are just not on my side.

So what happened??

The red circle happened. Ladies and gents: The Money Shot.

Ready?? I've been advised that this procedure may total $4000.
Are you kidding me?!?! No. This is so real. If you have benefits, pls kiss the sky or the ground. Take your pick.

As it stands, this is on top of what was done last week. That little red triangle?? Yea... Without it, I would have been home all weekend. Say wrd.

In any case, this is the real deal. I have an appointment with Doc #3 on Friday as I believe the process towards Pretty Hizzy is due to start. Man, today I fully felt like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. My scars were just getting harder and more unsightly with every passing hour! ARGH!

Speaking of Pretty Hizzy, I may have to put a funding drive together, college radio style.

Anyhow, my drama continues...

I couldn't just leave you w/o a musical gem now could I?? Here... Dilla said it best, didn't he?? The $. Enjoy.




Richniques said...

Bro Did You Just Say 4 Grand .... Lawd have Mercy.
I need to stop sleeping on my Coverage

Miss. G said...

what are we looking at here? your jaw?

LE said...

Hmm... it looks like your tooth has a fracture in its roots, and eventually it will rott and fall out. So I'm sure the choices were: stick 2 beams on the side/back of yhe tooth and fix it (worth the 4 Gs) or... (drumroll) let it rott, remove it, have a gap/wear a fake tooth (you didn't clarify which tooth is it but I assume a front one). I'd say a trip to the Caribbean is in order, since both procedures are cheaper there.

... or get some damn coverage :(