Sunday, September 14, 2008

.... is now friends with Kitchen-Aid

You know it. She is holding me down. MAJOR.

Kitchen-Aid. She and I have recently been hanging pretty tough. Evenr since top of the summer, we have breakfast almost every morning. Fruits, yogurt, soy... And despite my recently less than handsome looks, my fat and cicatrized lip, scraped hands, scarred knees, she's been helping me out. She likes when I run my fingers across her body... and push her buttons. ;)

Man, need her more than ever now. Eating has become pretty laborious if not just plain hard. Chewing? Ahhh, man, not the easiest task. Been enjoying mostly soups of late. The easiest way to feed myself right now. As I said, if anyone can show me a channa roti smoothie, I'm so down! Shrimp wonton is another friend of mine these days. Spicy is when she's best.

In any case....


Want to shout all who have send the kind wishes here and thru FB.

A special thank you to Miss X! You know who you are. No joke. What a surprise indeed. Preciate it. I got you!

I got some great replies and some just plain made me laugh.... KEEZY! So yes, tomorrow I have to see one of several specialists to see what can be done. As most have seen from Friday night, I look as presentable as can be imagined considering the photos, but I have some greater concerns to address. Kinda sucks, but I'm prepping for what may be some $eriou$ly $ad new$. :(

Anyhow, my travels continue...



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