Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardiner Gallivanting


Back freewheelin with the gang. The weather was nice, and after the call dame down, I just looked @ The Giant, I just had to do it.

Best was that whilst cruising along Lakeshore, we spotted one of the onramps leading to the closed Gardiner Expressway. And with unbridled zeal, just hopped over the gate and just cruised along Gardiner, on our own. Even stopping a few times to take advantage of a sunny after noon with some Canon Digis. WTF??

Was a fun afternoon indeed, though I times I pedaled and wheeled around almost withdrawn, still having flashbacks of the bail. This was like a Clint Malarchuk-returning-to-the-ice-moment after his horrific accident.

In any case, it was good to get out and sorta shake the webs out.

More photos of the Gardiner Gallivanting coming soon. Shouts to O, Just, Jay W, Wes, TV and Ray... And Oh yea, and another shout to City TV or CP24 who saw us jump the barrier and bolt! LOL.

Say wrd.


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