Friday, September 19, 2008

Black is Back: Black Milk, Elzhi & House Shoes, Nov 6th 2008

I thought that I would save my 200th post for a big announcement. The timing could not be any better...

That's right.

it's just over 1 year since he last came and we're about to do it again. Last time, Phat Kat came to rip the show to shreds, this time, we got long awaited Elzhi and that MF House Shoes in the building as well.

So we here.

We'll be rawkin out and celebrating the release of the Black Milk "TRONIC" LP. You know w/o question this record will bang.

As well, getting to see Elzhi finally rawk is going to be pretty bananas. House Shoes is always a trip. But don't sleep, he's got soe bangers I'm trying to get my hands on. So man, this is hella simple. You're down or you're not. That's it really.

All the deets are here, FB event style. More deets and music to come later.

Shouts to Heath Blizzard @ Fab Beats and Jay @ Koch. Let's do it.

See you Nov 6th.


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