Friday, September 19, 2008

Instrumental To Your Development

So... In all the chaos of the past week, I though that I would break the morose mood and get back to my jovial self. It's been a good week outside of the craziness.

I finally started my new beat music, hoodtrnonica blog: NSTRUMNTL2URDVLPMNT or Instrumental To Your Development.

Very self explanatory and a full double entendre

I had a 2 pronged approach. 1, this is a music scene garnering little coverage, and as such doing my civic duty to get that out there. And 2, I've been meaning to start writing more seriously. 1nce upon a time, I used to spend hours putting little reviews together, and my work finally climaxed into a published review in URB Mag a long time ago (Shouts to Oliver Wang).

So there. If any of you are into some of that beat music like I am, or have heard me play out and love the sound of that magic that comes out the Cerwin Vegas, bookmark that site. I will be having some fun with it.

Music previews
yada x 3...

Anyhow, I look fwd to getting this cracking as I'm pretty excited. I kinda dig writing. And, If you used to peep this spot for some chunes, I'll be migrating some of the posts over to NSTRUMNTL2URDVLPMNT.

This blog will remain with more miscellany, more megapixels, more qwerty qalamity so, stay tuned! We're here to have fun, no?


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