Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Because I Really love uuuuuuuu.....

I'm back. Sadly, but I'm back.

But could I really complain?? Sun, sand and cervezas...

I forgot my camera in LA though. So I won't have pix for a few days. SUCKS! I had some great ones.

Real quick, although I had not plans to shop, I had to touch few stores.

Shouts to my man Meg@ for lacing me. Made my ceremonial and obligatory way down to MJ's and Paul Smith flag ships. Burton ALWAYS gets touched. Funny what banging luggage will do. Complete strangers hollering. ;) Thank you Burton.

Although I am glad to be back, I can only sit back and think about what whole week had been like. From the great weather, to all the bikes I saw rolling around, to the cats that I met and the soirées I attended. Again, shouts to Ty G and Kim for holding me down, I got you cats all day. Anytime. Shouts to Little T as well. ;)

Anyhow, more on the week when I get my pix... but in the meat time: my theme song pls. Beats, Beats, Beats....

Ok. I'm regrettably off to work. Sun is shining though... not all is bad.


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