Friday, October 10, 2008

My Man Henri presents: The Date Idol!

So what is this all about?? Months ago, I got tix to the Maxwell show this Sunday Oct 12th. I totally forgot about it and was reminded by a kind and timely email.

This is apparently a hot ticket and I for one have not paid much attention to the whole thing. But it is long weekend, and I did decide to stay in town. But I am @ present time sans date. Can you help me out??

Do you supply stride across a room in your Christian Louboutin heels along with your Chloé clutch and other such accoutrements?? Does your Hervé Leger dress fit you like the couturier called for you as his model?? Will the waft from Tom Ford Black Orchid's perfume leave most spellbound when you pass them by?? A pretty and alluring smile??

Do you answer yes to all?? Just a few?? Or none?? Well... lemme know why you, a single female would be a great date for this Maxwell show. I love great prose. You can message me on FB if you choose, or email me ( all marvelous prose and megapixels. I like creative types, but don't limit myself to... LOL, this is starting to read like a contract.

The rules? There are none! The winner will be contacted by email and be scooped up in the finest German engineering that i can afford. A Jetta. LOL.

Anyhow, chat soon! ;)



Heyhomee said...

I sincerely hope you don't get any stalkers from this! Good luck, and play safe!!

Hza said...

Man... I prolly won't. But man, I got blasted last night about this. Ha... I'll talk about that on a sep post. Just trying to have some fun. But who knows. Show is tomorrow. Maybe no one likes Hervé Leger... LOL

SeleenR said...

i'm guessing u won't take me if i wear sweat pants, sneakers and lady speed stick.