Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tickle Your Ivory

As many of you may have observed, I do my best to exercise heightened dental hygiene as the alternative is not an option. No benefits will make you carry some floss and an extra toothbrush here and there. I would keep one in my glove box of the german car, the trunk of my spanish scooter let alone the one @ home.
With that being said, can and should you look @ the opportunity to carry a pretty brush?? I did last year - but balked. But on my return to LAX last week, I promised myself I would do it - so I did.

Presenting the Japanese made Paul Smith Black Toothbrush - bristles included. Black in all 17 cms of glory. Wild no?? This black toothbrush is supposed to give you white teeth. ;) cute. Regardless, this was so striking, I had to get one. And in fact, this will be part of my remodeling campaign with it likely serving as a simple decorative piece in my lone lavatory.

A black toothbrish with black bristles. Hmmmm... but why stop there?? Why not black toothpaste. What about black dental floss?? Are we scared the ink will run?? I know that I use some lime green floss right now and the bristles on my brush are a US democratic blue. I don't see any issues. Ay yo, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, get cracking. I'd cop these black items.


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