Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I always thought that David Duchovny was a good dude still. I was down with during X Files and sh*t, you know he's heavy in that showtime show of his...

Cali in my eyes is like a sort of Mini Mecca. I'm starting to qualify my trips to the Golden State as a quasi pseudo Hajj. So consider this my very own Holy Month (or days really... and by this heat? More like Daze!). Hza's Holidays HolyDays.

So why not come out here?? After confirming a few work deets, I jumped on expedia, plugged in my dates and here were my cost details on a return flight to LAX:

BAM. Are you f*cking kidding me?? No.

I then figured that I would need a rental seeing that LA is just inaccessible without one. So, looked for a rental as well, for 4 days:

Are you f*cking kidding me?? Are we getting that ripped off in Canada?? Getting it with no vaseline?? Seems so. Wow.

Anyhow, I came down to decompress and to surprise some long time friends with a visit to Floss Angeles....


That's what I'll call it.

Since I landed on a Sunday, you know I had to touch Do Over. Shouts to my mans Strong, Haycock and Aloe. This week they had Sake One repping SFO (sadly, I had no time to make it out there to pick up a lost keychain among other things... ), Almighty Rich Medina, FRA's DJ Mehdi and my mello my man Ty G of world famous HVW8.

Do Over was it's usual ebullient self. Good ppls and great music. Say wrd. Shouts to House Shoes (See you in a few weeks), and fer sure - SHOUTS TO P.U.D.G.E. (VJC). Meeting my man right there, was the highlight of my night. More on him hella soon. Say wrd.

My main man Aloe Blacc in the building.

You know I had to make a quick stop by HVW8 gallery and show love? Shouts to Max and my man Proh of Hawthorn Headhunter.

Shouts to my man Millie who's always blown away when I show up.

Is it me or does DJ Mehdi not look like Jonathan Ramos? Or is that the other way around?? LOL.

Big shouts to fellow Canuck Asya who was also floored when I just popped in! BESO!

But man.... can you really blame me for coming out?? Check out today's forecast:

On top of that, the view from my man's place Ty G. is just bananas...

Good Look Ty G and massive shouts to Green Spatula aka Kim. ;)

Just hope to come home with a tan... Aiiight. Enough. I have a beach to drive to. More to come...

Muy temprano!



killa said...

happy birthdayyyy hzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

wristpect said...

niicceee.. i'm trying to get back out there end of november myself!