Monday, May 07, 2007

Nueve De Mayo: Wednesay May 9th 2007 ¡En Vivo!

I mentioned it to a few, it's now official:

Sin Duda. Me-Js por la noche are Enrique Pandillero, long side Juan-Miguel DeJesus taking no requests all night long. This will be one of many such apparitions éste verano. Pls arrive early as The Beaconsfield gets really snug. If you hear a song you fancy, make sure to buy either Juan-Miguel or Enrique a bebido. Dios sabe que the weather will be hella nice on Wednesday. Peep it:

Miercoles will be straight platanos!. In any case, if this sounds muy bueno, come thru. Should be fun. And it's free. Shouts to both Enrique Pandillero y Juan-Miguel DeJesus, Santo Carlos Fernandes.

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