Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tools of the Tirade aka The Get Right.

Just assembling the gear for the night. Hitting that GDFT x Nike party feat. Clark Kent & Scratch @ The Drake. Should be aiiight. So here's the deal. I have always been one for getting your gear right. But I urge, don't forget the accessories. All day long. They add that je ne sais quoi to your outfit. So, I'll let you in on some of my accoutrements. Yep. Secrets revealed.
Tonight?? I'll likely be using the following:

Nokia 8801. I have spoken about this phone in the past. All about it. Candy bar form factor with a smooth slide design that will reveal jet black keys. Stainless steel case makes this one timeless. Will be just as hot 2 yrs from now. And, don't be fooled: it's surprisingly small. It will fit in your coin pocket. Got this on a trade for a Pink RAZR. Guess who came out on top?
Nixon Player. Pshhhhh. Does it get any more classic? Offered in a variety of finishes, I'll be using my stainless steel one with the (yes) real diamond bezel. Love it. Got it @ Ransom on Richmond St West.
Lastly, l'eau de toilette. So crucial. I mean, not having the right cologne is like having a Alexandre McQueen suit and Payless shoes. SO, many have wondered about this one. Well, for the last year and change, Comme Des Garçons 2 has been that scent heaven sent. Drives them bananas. The mirrored glass bottle is hella tight. This one is a little harder to get as it has been discontinued apparently. But, I overheard that Nomad on Richmond West still has some left. Do your due dilligence.
Aiiight. Let's have fun tonight. If you read this, and got right, don't just stand there when you see me, get me a drink!

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where's the love spell :)