Monday, May 07, 2007

Cinco De Mayo x Beacs x LCD Sound

Although the sun was on blast all weekend, the temp was not. Esp Domingo. But Sabado was nice out. Day & night in fact. Nonethess, Cinco De Mayo came and went w/o a wimper, to my dismay. So, as such, my 1st drink sat night had to be Corona or Dos Equis: I would have it no other way. Le gusto. In fact, this girl swears that I have hispanic lineage. So, having planned nothing for the Mexi fiesta, I started what i knew would be a fun night. 1st stop Beacs, last stop... space. A sort of Haiti's Comet. In any case, a fun time was had by all. Got home @ 7h12. Below is the photographic dissertation, so enjoy. For those who recall my bday in 2004, my shoes may seem like a déja vu. Ha. OMG. I also have yet to find my brand new all black player ever since that night. Damnation! Getting ready for what likely will be the craziest week I have seen all year - more on that l8r. BTW, I will be going to a Nueve De Mayo Fiesta (4 days late). Look for it l8r today. Shouts to Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín, Calcutta Cutie Crusher, Mike - those shots were funny, P, Rudi Ruderson (say what?), Nasty Nav (good look dude). Out.

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Good to see you open up the diary again! It was my CNN when I was stuck in a library on the East Coast.