Tuesday, May 08, 2007

@ least the sun love us...

... a we love it back: It's The Sun God. And cats wonder why I Iove to be out riding. The Sun is real therapy. Oh, if you think that I'm playing, give this a good read. Now you have some real reasons to be out on the patio, let alone the therapeutic significance of a good juice. These are the days that I really miss The Bamboo. RIP. Knowing that the sun was gonna be on blast today made me spring out of bed. Suited up and even took this fab shot. Helmet on, going thru my Nokia e62. Classic. I had the P100 sitting on the bench. Nice.
Speaking of sun, it's been a few months since I made the mammoth mistake of leaving my YSLs on a plane in SF. What a catastrophe! Well, it's all good now. Yves & I are 1nce again friends.
Shouts to the good ppl @ Spectacle for the hook and the awesome shop @ 752 Queen St West, just a few doors west of the Queen and Niagara corner. Ask for Pier, Safina or Jag. Tell em My Man Henri sent you.
Shouts to Aten & my grrrl Caro in Cairo. Shine!

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caroline said...

i'll be seeing you on patio sporting some hot shades soon:) i miss you too. hope all is fantastic and the vitamin D is coursing through the veins. big love form the land before time.