Sunday, May 20, 2007

We Got It 4 Cheap: Clipse 'Hell Hath No Fury' Tour, Toronto May 19th 2007, Tonic nightclub.

I had not (thankfully) been to Tonic since the infamous exercise in grandstanding aka that BBL show. Wow, What a distant memory - and I would submit myself to shock treatment to forget it too. In any case, The Clipse were in town to essentially remind us how to VA ni**az cook that contraband. The main direction is to apparently stir vigorously. And stir they did. Fearing that they would show up with a Major Label attitude, i went expecting the worse. But they rawked the show with this indie artists zeal and hunger that I certainly did not expect - esp in light of having guys like the 'Tunes in their corner. The Neptunes?? Pshhhhh. But man, by the end Pusha-T an Malice were perspiring like they would have been after cooking that good batch - working the mic like it were a spatula over the stove. Crack cooking co-hort, high caliber carrying Ab-Liva was also in the cut, and kicked some verses over R-E-U-P G-A-N-G classics.

In any event, pix and videos are avail below. Man, Shouts to Q who always knew. Say wrd.

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