Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sun x Scooter riding: We get the chicks.

Enough about the sun already! But I can't. It makes me want to get up and work outside with my BlkBook & ride all day - I plan on doing both actually. Speaking of riding, I know many of you know but to confirm, and I am an official scooter rider. Not a Vespa - though they are now synonymous. Vespa makes scooters, but not all scooters are Vespas. Just an FYI. Mine? it's a Derbi. A Spanish brand. I'm riding on Tom Bradys. Introducing the Derbi Bullet.

I love it. You can tell by the way I zip around town. What do you know about 5L to fill up?? Getting almost 175+ kms to a tank? You a gas miser? Do the math. This is a win win. This could be you too ;). Today's Globe & Mail has a story on Scooters in Canada.
Evidently, "the guy on the Vespa gets the girl" as per the CDN Scooter president. I sure hope so, as I have yet to enjoy the nectar of said fruit. But what about the female rider? In anycase, why did I get one? I was out in EU the last few years and was just floored @ the scooter culture out there. Driving in Toronto, esp dwntwn, is synonymous to congestion @ this point. Ask me about sunny days in QB. Bananas. Oh yea, free parking. Hold that. The permit? A mulitple choice questionnaire. Anyhow, I can park this thing virtually anywhere. I can go on and on about the advantagees, and in fact I get stopped to talk about it all the time. But enough qwerty - Just come for a ride next time, or ask the Child sisters about it. BTW, top selling model in Canada? Vespa LX50, seen below. Do it!

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RB said...

Very nice scooter! OK, I'm biased; I have the same one, but red on black. As far as I know it's the fastest 50cc available... Welcome to the emerging YYZ scooting scene!