Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1 Infinite Loop is down with me

The above screen shot was taken this afternoon when I found some friends online who all had iSights whilst using Apple's iChat AV, a chatting app part of OSX. So I decided to start a video conference so we could geek out and watch eather make dumb faces (click above).
I still recall the days that I used to get clowned for using an Apple computer. Look @ them now. iBooks, Powerbooks and MacBooks are errrwhere. I won't even get into iTunes & the iPod. [head shakes] As such, I'm just giving a nod and a wink to my family 1nce regarded as inconsequetial and negligible. We apparently call all the shots though. Strength in (no) numbers. Shouts to Abb, Raj (nice face dude) & Keesha (happy bday grrrl!), and Hater dot com who was christened in 2006. An eternal shout out Steve J & Jonathan Ive.

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