Saturday, May 05, 2007

Do Me Gurl: Sa-Ra Creative Partners Party @ Canal Room April 23rd 2007, NYC

No word of a lie, the year is 2005 (or maybe 04) & I'm in Cannes, France @ a party that my man Beni B from ABB (long time my dude), and Croatia's baddest mother [shut yo mouth] Philly (good seeing you in Miami my dude) are playing @. This is awesome as the parties round that time of year are usually kinda lame, so I was pretty stoked. Oh yea, pretty trashed too. But this joint was blasting thru the speakers soooo nice, so I was pretty much wilin'out. This dude from the UK is feeling the vibe with this kinda perplexed screw face, and steps to me in his is finest of Brit talk and is like "Dood, whoot's this??". Dazed, confused and perspiring, I reply "What?? U're not up on this dude??". What we were both referencing is what I thought was the re:up for P-Funk, a sort of new millenium Parliament. This was Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and the song cranking @ the time was Glorious. Again, Real talk. I used to see them come thru my booth back in the day in Las Vegas, but @ the time, I had never seen these dudes, so I did not know I was in the presence of greatness. But I always though that this light skinned ni**a was always fresh to def. FFWD a few years, and they now have a full LP. If you like the direction that some of this new black music is going with these neo ni**az, like I do - cop this. Not gonna go thru all tracks, but I will say this: finally. Although, it was missing some bangers that someone sent me 1nce (joints like Frequencies - wow), this record will still make you bounce like a west coast rider, hitting switches whilst suffering from Tourette's. So, it's no surprise that after getting the email from Giant Step about the release party in NYC, I printed that boarding pass. The Sa-Ra triumverate was all in attendance, with Shafiq handling some of the DJ duties. On the mic? Lovely lady (and I do mean that) like Rozz was holding it down. As well, you'll see that a man like Fonzworth Bentley also had his share of the hosting duties. One of my fave parts of the night was listening and watching Ubiquita spin. Say what?? Get on that. On my way in the club, saw a man like Ice T and his curvacious Coco. Man like Dame Dash was around (for what? I asked), CNN and a few others I can't recall. Wrd. Had a blast. And you will to. Huh? Well, just confirming something that has yet to hit the press: Sa-Ra will be @ HarbourFront on the Summer Stage. Yep, July 14th. SO get ready, and shine your dookie chain. It should be fun, esp if Rozz reaches. ;). Shouts to my man Lord House - who never ceases to surprise me. Soon my dude, I'm coming thru. I any case, here are some pix. BTW, ppl have been commenting on my facebook acct. Trying to limit my time out there. Comment out here need it be. Oh yea, viewing pix?? Just click on any after which you can hit the N-key for next, P-key for previous. Shouts to Lokesh Dhakar, Calcutta Cutie Crusher, With 88 keys, Cade. Tight.

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Richniques said...

All i have to say is Thanks to HZa for putting me on to SA RA when we ran into them in Miami a few years ago. Creative is not the word...Hella Creative.