Friday, June 22, 2007

Royalty On The Rocks: NY Pilgrimage Foreward

So, I'm currently in Screw York, having pimped a flight for $178 CAD rtrn (that pimp hand is strong!).

Came down after getting an invite to this Smirnoff party I went to last night. I still hearing the ping from my email one very late Sunday night. Anyhow, below is the flyer (click for larger). You'll understand why this was Royalty on the Rocks (mixed, not stirred). Pix and accounts to follow.

BTW, it was the Chocolate Boy Wonder's bday yesterday!

So, quickly. The Pilgrimage will be in BK (click for bigger image):

Shouts to Von Pea of Tanya Morgan fame of the love.

Hallelujah holla back!


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Donald Williams said...

no love for donwill?

for shame
oh for shaaaaaaaaame