Monday, June 18, 2007

More Tools of the Tirade: Nixon Watches

So my man hits me a few days ago w/ a txt like: "What's the name of the watches you mess w/ again?"

Nixon my dude. Nixon all day.

How could you not rock a hot time piece? A nice one can compliment your outfit so well. So shocked I was when I read this piece in the Globe & Mail some time ago. They went on to say that the watch was a dying accessory and that more and more ppl were using their cells to tell the time.

Wowsers. Using my Nokia all day for time? I do from time to time... But ma montre! Considering that Nokia started as a tire and rubber company, maybe timepieces are not out of reach and in the not so distant future....

Hmmmm. I'll stay with the watch thanks.

In fact, I was thinking of adorning my wrists with some more of Nixon's fine accoutrements. But, for those who didn't know, they make what I personally think are some of the freshest (if not the freshest) watches around - Period. Again, my connection w/ SoCal deepens all the time.

Been watching them (ummm, yea) for a min, and I still recall when I finally dipped in.

My 1st Nixon was the Rocker (you can never forget su primera). This was where I was @ when I bought it: listening to tons of Maiden. Still love it, though I now favor butterfly clasps.

Then, I proverbially went nuts. I followed that up wth:

A Gold Ticket. Stunning. Mine has the burgundy face though.

2 Players: Silver and most recently a Black one. The Player is way too classic. And the Black one emerged from the amazing All Black collection. I equate ownership of a player as quasi rite of passage...

2 Rotologs: The Original Walnut (which sent the whole world in a spin), and then the White one. The original was part of a Mos Def campaign for Nixon that they shot in Toronto being that he was here. Would you believe that I even had drinks with the man responsible for the Roto's design? Nutz. Shouts to Luis C for hooking that up.

My latest purchase was the Esquire CS.

I have a few nore in my site. I don't think my collection could be complete w/o a Gold Player.

This is the original killer. In fact, it was re-released prolly due to incessant requests. Good move Nixon. And yes, that is a real diamond. Before the re-release, I was trying to buy my boy's OG one. Then he left it @ some chick's place one night. Ahhh PHILLY you idiot!

I also want to get my hands on some pieces from the Elite Collection, and notably (you guessed it): The Ceramic Player.

Swiss movement w/ an all white ceramic casing and a lone red ruby bezel. Bananas.

Where I buy mine? Ransom Holding - on top of GoodFoot. Ask for Martin. He'll show you the truth. Hell, he might even show you his. I think he wears a SuperHero SS.

Wanna see the rest? Go nuts. They do ladies' watches too.

Shouts to BeeDub!


Nik said...

WELL WELL WELL, glad to see someone else is DEEP in the watch game..Looks like you ballin out of control..holdin Nixon down

Hza said...

Haha. Man, Nixon is holding *me* down my dude. I wish I was ballin. Dude, ceramic would be on my wrist now.

jp said...

great stuff!!! i was looking for a watch. just ordered the "metal dork".

they should give you a commission. :)