Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can a White guy win a Black award?? (*updated)

I sure hope so. I know they win Black girls' hearts [read Robin, your girl is bangin!]. So Robin Thicke is up for a BET award tonight (Best Male R&B), and I think he should do it. His joints were kinda banging still (and so is his wife DAMN!).

So who is he up against?? Well... Let's see:

Akon (well, maybe if yoots are voting)
John Legend (not again)
and Gerald Levert (?!? huh?) A posthumous award?

I mean, RT rammed every show that he's had in Toronto, and if that happens, you get love. The only real threat might be the deceased.

So, it's on tonight in LA. 8pm I believe. That's in less than 3 hrs. My $$ is on the white guy.

PS - WIll anyone 1 up and drop to a bended knee tonight live on TV? ;)

** Update **

Thankfully, I have not enough $ to wager. Your boy would have lost. So, as Al Gore felt when losing to who he characterized as an intellectual inferior [read Dubya Bush], how does RT feel when losing to Ne-Yo? Ouch. Ok. Well, nx time dude. Nx time.

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Delfino said...

The White guy did indeed lose. But after watching Ne-Yo vs Robin Thicke performances on the awards, I gotta say Robin didn't throw down. Way cheezy and way off key.

The performances were kinda Michael Jackson rip-off (Ne-Yo)against half-step Timberlake rip-off (RT).

RT Album was hot no doubt, but live was garbage.