Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Disorderly Conduct!

This past Friday, I was on MSN w/ Jon Jon Lenin Lenin and I told him "Dude, the sun is out. Trying to wil'out tonight: it's all about Disorderly Conduct." In fact, I added that I was ready to get kicked out of where ever we were going. It's all good. Just trying to have some fun, no? What began @ The Beaconsfield with few drinks, transformed to quaffing of copius quantities @ Tangerine. I would likely have been qualified as a rookie by European soccer hooligans, but I had a blast nonethless.

These are just the little breaks that I need errr-so oft, esp from work! Argh! I was able to swipe some red wine, and a bottle of Hypnotiq from the bar! Bartenders should be more vigilant. Anyhow, highlights were certainly running into many I had not seen in some time. The bestest surprise: Ebony! Tengo la sangrìa, me cuentas pronto! Rache! Glad you made it back safe. Mae Ling! Lori! And all the ones who i don't recall seeing... esp near the end. Oh yeah, J. Redhead, I so wanted to say "hi" but was quicky slipping into belligerant behavior... Drinks on me next time. Finally, shouts to Jon Jon for putting me in the taxicab hearse - and the roller coaster ride had still not ended - I LOST MY CAR KEYS! For all who may have pix of me (and I know they're out there), feel free to email them: Hit me here. @ least gimme a chance to edit before you facebook em. ;) I'll give you full credit.

** update **
As I previously mentioned, I suddenly became a defenseless prey and schlemiel to the paparazzi in attendance. I was anonymously sent these shots below, but the author later came out of the shade. Good Look Richniques. ;) KB, I see you.

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kim b said...

you're HILARIOUS! i'm loving that last pic !!
see you tonight :)