Sunday, September 30, 2007

El Matador


Out the frying plantain, into the bunning fire! This has been the autumn of austerity, season of stress, epoch of exertion. But all has somehow equated and likened to a labour of love. Rolling with the good people of the Red Bull Music Academy. Say what?? You mean that drink?

Indeed, they essentially are the ones who fund a prestigious music camp. A sort of retreat for the budding maestro that is run @ an allegro tempo. 60 participants are picked from a pool of 2500 applicants.

In anycase, it's been 1 week @ the RBMA and 1 year's worth of priceless experiences. Ppl from all over the world and their music in tow. This had been much more than a guiding light. I now contemplate getting back into it as my fervor for the fortissimo has been germinating seeing all these participants from varied music lineage.

But the reality is, with all the speakers that have been and are coming for this event, how could I not??

We just hosted Tadd Mullinix aka world famous Dabrye, Primo passed thru to speak wise words of wisdom. We've been in the company of Chairman Mao, Georgia Anne Muldrow w/ co-hort Dudley Perkins as well as many others. Coming up?? Well, I can't say as I am sworn to secrecy, but lovers of all things of what I qualify as verdad will be in heaven.

Make sure to come out and support some of these budding artists during the showcases. More to come. But pls be patient, jusy getting accustomed to these long hours...


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