Monday, October 08, 2007

Better than Jordan

After some years of contemplating a return, I will essentially make it official: Your Fave Ex Boyfriend™ is back! I will dust off the needles and come out of retirement to take another stab @ the 12s. Been a while but I forever missed playing out. Much of this is due to my most recent stint as a member of the Red Bull Music Academy. It's been so motivating. Considering that I have constant access to music I love, why the hell not.
In any case, DJs need not to worry as I'm not here to cut the pie that much thinner. The majority are out playing the same and I'm going in a place seldom occupied if @ all. Where's that?? Well, come check me out Tuesday Oct 9th @ the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Hub located @ 394 Queen St West from 5-7pm. Will be a blast. RBMA will be screening tees for free. Might be rusty, but this will be the 1st of many nights to come.

Hope to see you there. Info below, but you can also check out the the FaceBook event.

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Ta$cMoney said...

Amen, bringin' back the HZA on the wheelz