Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deepest Debt

Indeed. Much debt is owed in so many ways. 1st apologies must go to my physical being. Since late August and esp in the last 5 weeks, I have forced my body thru some of the most torturous sleep deprivation. So, when Sunday Oct 28th finally came, atonement and reparations were in order.

I then owe an apology to anyone who even tried to pass thru The Newest Era™. Seemingly, nothing's been gwanning here - though the absolute opposite was the fact, and really too much was on the plate. I'll be sure to get into that very soon.
Lastly, the deepest debt out to RedBull Canada and the Music Academy. The winds of change have been blowing since Sept 21st, and my sail has been up for it. A massive thank you. A separate post will follow full of shots...

In any case, the grind continues. Back @ work.

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