Tuesday, November 06, 2007

LDN Calling

[ring ring]

Call display: +011447943572057. Look familiar??

That was my mobile number in London this past summer. Man o man did I have a blast. But also paid for it. That b£asted pound! Plans are fully in the works to head back out there. Too much to experience. Again, not sure why I waited this long, but consider this bridging the gap. Don't get me wrong, cuz I love yyz. Love it. I look fwd to heading back home after every trip. But the RBMA has given me a taste of what I've be missing. I liken it to having sundried tomatoes for the 1st time.

Mucho Sabor

So, LDN calls. For a number of reasons, it dials me up. For one, it's seemingly the European axis. As such, I am currently planning my next EU tour of duty around it (thank you Ryanair and Easyjet). Avoid LHR and do LGW. The latter is just not as busy and I have heard some living nightmares about Heathrow - long ass layovers, taxying for immeasurable amounts of time... argh! 2, and most importantly, the events they host are just top bill. Were it not for some late planning, I would be @ this below bshmnt:

Are you kidding?? Dego, Benji B (below) and Flying Lotus?? This is what I'm talking about. A triumvirate all worthy of top billing. The RedBull Music Academy brought some of the greatest talent into yyz, but a quasi calmness has seemingly set in, as if I had awaken from a delightful dream. Some have yet to wake from that same dream in the UK. Benji B an Dego, long time bad men have nothing to prove to anyone.

Shooting star Flying Lotus however has been on a meteoric rise. His Worship of Winnekta is one of the chosen few that I venerate as key holders of the new sound, what I like to call that blacktronica. More on him soon...

In any case, the music is setting the bearings of my magnetic compass. Who's down to ride? The winds are blowing... Oh yea. Don't forget your passport.

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