Saturday, November 24, 2007

Heralds Of Change

So a few weeks ago, my man Nik T of CRCL RSRCH hits me up like "Dude, Blk Btlz needs to come thru Rock it w/ Circle Research".


I had been looking for an outlet sans stifling sound restrictions of one of my fave spots. I was sitting all this new music to run, and you know your boy's a scholar in that Low End Theory. Your boy has been looking to play that new sh*t, as I described before, there's a void that needs to be filled. Helrald of Change?? Not per se, but trying to shape that landscape. I'm just a few parts away. My new laptop is on it's way and I just have to get my hands on a midi controller...

Regardless, JonJon, El Gringo Spliff, George Jefferson and your man Paul Wall came through on the strength to play that far out sh*t.

Shouts to all who came as we were cursed with the season's 1st official snowfall, and i was almost handcuffed by this work deadline. But it happened. Xmas bshment is on it's way. Planning as we speak.


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