Saturday, November 17, 2007

(Broad) Casting Couch


I love my Macs. Plural indeed. Got a Black MacBook aka Blkbk, a Mac Mini plugged to a 42" Plasma, and I just bought a new Blkbk last week. Got a deal. Good Look Bro. Going to get back into music in more ways than one, so I needed to get gangster w/ OSX x Serato.

I love OSX and I speak it's qualities all the time, and have seen the whole world around me jump ship. I was iChatting with a newer user last night:
my girl Hana! Hawllah!

Broadcasting live from the comfort of her couch, heeeeeeeeeere's Hana!

*click below*

Had not seen her since my running (up) of the bills this summer in Barcelona, SPA. I f*cking love that place. Anyhow, I had blast on this 4 way w/ her, Ab and Leslie. It's always nice to catch up to cats man. And iChatAV is the vehicle best used for that. Say Wrd.
Now, go get your iChat on!


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