Sunday, November 25, 2007

A River Still Runs: Nokia N82

Been a while since i covered anything mobile phone related since the iPhone was unlocked, but the world is still turning (to the unknowing of some). The fact that of the matter is that the iPhone is still pound for pound the best offer out there as a mobile: features vs price is what I will use to determine that. Used properly, it will absolutely enrich one's experience. But, I still love Nokia and what they are doing on the consumer electronic end of things. They still have one of the best GUIs and likely the best features period. Just over a week ago, they added to the famed N Series lineup by introducing the N82.

Although the candy bar shape was traditionally the biggest bore, it has quietly become the de facto standard - much like sage advice from a patriarch: it's just right. After skipping over the N82's simple but classic design, you start to look @ what has made Nokia the leading mobile computing device manufacturer: the guts. The interface is still the best out of the known telco manufacturers. The S60 operating system is still the standard if you ask me. So, if you are accustomed to that, this N82 should present no real surprises esp if you know the multimedia feature set that all N Series offer. But, where the mobiles have been forced to distinguished themselves is imaging: cameras. The digital pic has become the axis of the expansive social networking lifestyle. Want proof?? Go to any live performance and look @ all the phones that are pulled out when the headliner takes the stage. Hours later that same footage is going to Youtube, Fickr, FaceBook and various blogs around the net. So, with a 5 megapixel camera, powerful Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics, the Nokia N82 delivers remarkably vivid photograph as well as some near DVD quality video.

You're then able to share all of the pics and video via WiFi connectivity to upload to your fave sites. One thing that I have been all over since it was in beta form is navigation and GPS for the mobiles. For a traveler, there is nothing better. The built in GPS will set you straight whether you are from deep Mississauga getting lost downtown, or traveling in EU and finding your way around Barcelona or London like I did this summer.

So if you're looking for a multimedia mobile optimized for photography, navigation and internet connectivity, this N82 is certainly for you. With the tools to discover the places and moments worth capturing, and the capabilities to capture and share them instantaneously, the Nokia N82 will offer photography enthusiasts an enhanced camera experience - and you'll still get to have some casual txt ™. ;)

Here are some pix of the Nokia N82

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