Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excess Access: Tools Pt3

In some of my previous posts, the extolment of accessories has been very black on white (or light grey on black here). I will forever consider them key in completing habiliments. But who said that accessories are only for a get up?? Many of you know that I have more recently, and with much melancholy, moved from QB. So I now have had a place of my own to embellish and bedeck - 2 floors.
I've had a little while to get things done, but I've sat back and done absolutely nothing. In some part due to a now postponed move, but mostly due to indecision and some apathy. I will let you in on my theme though: Wi-Fi & Wood. Or, Tech & Teak. A smooth amalgam of new technology and ageless design. Regardless, I have slowly amassed assembly parts for this amelioration and will start to document some of these upgrades. Beyoncé, I'm listening (She is kinda hot). So, would you know that I snagged my inaugural item: simple floor mat. They just came in and could not help but take one home w/ me:

I was looking @ a few floor mats previously and will still get them, but how could I not start it all off with something like this??

Say wrd.

I more recently wanted to also get back to a digital display based timepiece, and after getting an email from my man BeeDub @ Nixon, I trotted over by the dwntwn showroom to browse thru some samples. Bam. Nixon Connect.

Been keeping an eye open out for this one for a minute. I even went looking as we opened the cabinet up. After rawking analog watches for so long, this digital readout's been a fresh change. Butterfly clasp as always, 37 time zones and some good old fashion electroluminescence aka Indiglo. I find digitals to have this interesting strictness and discipline about them. Such irony that I would own one. I may have it on for kicks this weekend. See you Friday @ 22h30.


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