Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bounce (C'mon)! Bounce (C'mon)!

I wish I could get out of this rut I'm in. No really it's just been in an exceptionally busy 3-4 months. But I think that I'm finally over it. I will say that is still in beta form. I plan to do lots to it over December and get ready for what will be a busy new year. That's almost certain.

In the mean time, the next few weeks will be hella busy. Trying to stay up after that super hectic sched that was RBMA - I feel like I still have trace amounts of it in my blood, which is likely why I have some nights in. Oh yea.. it's cold out now as well. Anyhow, most know that I did LAX a few weeks past. So I hit the Stones Throw launch of the 2K Bounce tour. Went for a few reasons, meetings and greetings, but mostly to see the lineup as it was meant to be: PBW, Madlib, J-Rocc, Percee P, Guilty Simpson, Aloe Blacc, K. Riggins and Supreme Team etc...

As you might know, Dec 1 is the Toronto tour stop for this show (Shouts to Nasty Nav). This show is still a must by all means. J-Rocc and Madlib. Period. Anyhow, here are some clips from the LA gig.

Ahhh... That quixotic Madlib. Here he is doing the robot. This was so classic.

MED with that live sh*t.

If you're a fan of the music, make sure you make it out. Rumors have been flying about some of the merch including some tour exclusives, like Perseverance instrumentals. Count me in dude.

It all takes place Dec 1 @ the Opera House.

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See you there....


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