Monday, November 26, 2007

The King And I

This will be the start of a busy week. I should be concluding things up @ work which I am desperately looking fwd to despite the fact that it's been fun of late. Seriously. It's that time of year where I take long road trips w/ some good uninterrupted music. It promotes clarity. Ha.
But the week's end (and I say this as the week as yet to even start) brings a litany of lavish nights, starting with one of my most anticipated:

My man King Britt is in town to bring us some of that sulty, soft red glow, sweet susurrus, Hotel Victor bizness. Toronto chapter of IML checking in King. I'll be in my best accoutrements, and my worst comportment. Ladies, your Fave Ex BF™ will be there to take your mind off worthless worries and share splendid spirits (double entendre).

Whilst I was Barcelona bound via London this summer, King hits me like "Dude, I'm in Paris for a gig. Come thru. I got you." ARGH! I tried to make the dots connect. No dice. 2wo weeks ago, whilst LA bound and stranded in Philly, I again hit up the Pharoah of Philadelphia himself, and he then tells me that he's having a birthday party the monday night. Again, I was a hair away from confirming plans, but work was hollering with a cut throat deadline. Man. No luck. But it's all love. Good look King. Let's break bread when you're here. Looking fwd to it.

King Britt @ Ultra Supper Club
Friday, November 30, 2007 at 10:00pm
Ultra Supper Club
314 Queen St. W., Toronto.

Say wrd.


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