Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all

I'm certain that from the meteorologically mediocre coastal Vancouver to the frigid and frosty French language Québec, Canadians are buzzing about the strong dollar. In fact, they art most likely revving their engines.

This AM, I set off on a long overdue trip out (LRG + RBMA took place back to back so I was really here). As per usual, I made my tckt purchase, departing out of Buff for some monstrous savings. Made it pass the border w/ no issues and then made to the airport w/ 40 mins to spare. @ the Buffalo airport, that's an eternity + 1 day.

Can someone pls explain wtf this was then??

I missed my flight, and in the painstakingly slow line, these 2 gents started to discuss the cause of the sudden surge in sightseers.

This blasted bird! Yep, the now Almighty Loonie.

I now find myself sitting here for hours in Philly airport wishing IML Principal King Britt was around (but he's in NY - shouts to King) as I have a 6+ hr layover. WTF?!?! All over a bird??
I have long professed the virtues of flying out of Buffalo, I just suddenly feel that ppl actually listened. :( So now, my date w/LA is postponed for a few more hours, messing up the rest of my weekend. Rendez vous from Northridge to Costa Mesa, all have to be resched'ed. Sux.


I'm so upset. I think that I'm gonna go buy a watch... Ha! I should complain not. I'm still making it out west. Below is a picture of Buffalo Airport prkn lot taken this AM. Believe it.

Lemme close this one out w/ a Saukrates classic: Money Or Love. Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all


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