Thursday, November 15, 2007

To LAX with Love: Top Shoppin

So indeed, LA was the site of some needed time to decompress. After getting over the rush @ the BUF Airport (which i will still endorse despite the recent influx of Canadian passengers), I was able to make my way to LA - notwithstanding a massive layover in Philadelphia.
Although I had planned to not shop @ all, I was unable to resist the nectars of the shopping fruits. So, I picked up a few things. Well, I was also showered w/ some love:
Shouts to my man Nick Diamond who had not seen inna hot min. After surprising him @ his Diamond Supply Co shop on Fairfax, he immediately blessed me with the Diamond Life tee in both colors as well as the Diamond x DVS joints w/ the tee to match. DAMN.

Por Vida dude. for real.
I then walked over to see my mellow, my man Ty G from HVW8 who I had not seen in like a min as well, possibly since Feb of 07 @ Magic. Anyhow, after buying a sought after DVD, he then blessed me w/ some goodies as well: Some sick tees including a HVW8 x Parra and a lim ed 45. Good Look dude.
I then made my way over to Melrose simply to catch up w/ Marc.
I had been clowned for having a real elastic for a wallet, so I made some changes.

Never had great luck w/ wallets. Lost my last 2 including this fresh Paul Frank one... I like this one though.
After visiting Union to say peace to my man, made my way down to American Rag. Sh*t. I got sucked in. After trying them on, I had to buy some Nudies - Thin Finn no doubt. Again, my last pair were the Slim Jim Tubes and they had served me very well. Was due for a new pair. I must say, these fit me kinda sweet TR Gunna.
I had to exercise restraint as the woes of the US dollar were just way too tempting. On top of that, I had plenty more to do out in LAX....

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