Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nights Out


This is like my 2nd night in a row up past 5am, and I'm on my way to 6... But this is how I oft spend these nights, esp when i get on a roll researching. Research?

Well, this is what my desk is like most times. Black pseudo epoxy tabletop, 2 laptops and the low lights: one with the main music library, and the other I use to work on music with Serato/Logic and 2 hi speed feeds for both. But how can I stop when there's so much out there? My newest find??

Why is all the fun music coming out of EU?? I could really care less, other than the fact that I'm pissed that I'm not out there. Soon come.

But all is love.

The sacrificial sleep is all for you (after me of course). I do my best work & reflection @ these ridiculous times.


Ok. Lemme get ready for bed. It's so late, I might be able to call my dearest early bird retired parents. Miss you guys. In fact, I always jump @ night since i hear the paper slam against my window when it's being delivered. Imagine that....

So, I'll take my ass up stairs since my night is finally done. Loaded, and ready to rawk is my man, Catalan speaking Skymark w/ a dedication to my pops, part 1. Pce and enjoy..

Enrique Pandillero.


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