Monday, April 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Love: RBMA session in Halifax.

So, with the Tour Of Duty if full run - I was on my way to Halifax for a pretty hectic few days. Halifax on the 10th, back to Toronto to play the Stone's Throw MOVE the night of the 11th, then back to Montréal on the 12th to interview MTL's fave, A-trak.

Holly afro. Hey! Isn't that my man from The Roots?


So, I found myself in Halifax for the Red Bull Music Academy info session and this one would feature some acclaimed guests:

Peanut Butter Wolf, née Chris Manak & Ahmir Thompson aka ?uestlove. We were all 1st timers in Halifax. Holla'd @ my longtime brethren San Fran who happened to be out town (go figure). All is love though.

So leading up, all I could think of is what would I chat to these guys about?? There's quite a bit to cover but also wanted to keep it simple yet detail driven so that our crowd could take something home to chat about...

We ended up all over the place: from PBW chatting about being a white boy listening to early Public Enemy, to the mess that J Dilla's estate has become and his samples that were still left to clear, to new music coming out on Stones Throw and what the road/touring game has now become for the Roots. We kept it fun, fresh and factual.

The best had yet to come though. We were off to the Marquee Nightclub for a heavyweight dbl feature:

Peanut Butter Wolf & ?uestlove.

Could it get better?? PBW had landed the day before and went on a 45 hunt. "Cali is tapped" as he put it. So, as he spent the whole night rocking 45s and many of the 25-30 he bought during this trip, ?uest came thru rocking hip hop classic and the breaks they emerged from, sometime recreating the actual break himself.

and your boy PB Wolf's @ the edge of panic and cuts it up...

One unforgettable moment was when I sat on stage drinking Moosehead only to suddenly be frozen. What was this I was hearing?!?! I ran to the DJ booth to see what PBW was killing me with. This is was it.

Still unclear as to what is was.... I confirmed it as I zoomed in.... WOW. The actual test pressing! Dilla killing me again. How did this man do it so well?? RIP indeed. Shouts to my man GripFast who set me right. Look for this to get played @ the next 92BPM. Say wrd.

In any case, the night was a blast and although these shots will not tell the whole story - they tell a great one and you'll get it.

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But what would this post be w/o a gem that pretty much spoke of both PBW and ?uest's undying love?? 1nce again, shouts to GripFast who hit me with the Signs, and now take in another Dilla goodness baby, Shine!

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yoooooooo, RBMA in Halifax, bring the newest era to Minneapolis