Monday, April 28, 2008

Rollin Rollin Roland


That's all I'm trying to do. So, some know that I've been talking about getting an epoxy kitchen countertop - where I'll start to spend some time cooking... Holy triple entendre.

So, looking for some little toys here and there, my man Delphi oracle got hooks, Hizzy gets a look.

The Roland SP-555 is what I ended up putting my hands on. I certainly wanted a sampler to run some extra boom to my sets, but I also knew that I use it to screw around some more, beyond just triggering some sounds.

Wrd is that Madlib is a big fan of the SP series with the 303 aka Dr Sample being the weapon of choice and apparently also using the SP-606. The 555 is seemingly of the same family. Pads, sampling, effects... All I need.

So on a friday aft, I get the call from Delphi. Head to the west my man, the west..... So I jumped on the hwy and made my way down to Mississauga. One of the few and rare times. But for this? hell yea...

Got my box, and made my way back home. The proverbial unboxing took place:

Fresh from the warehouse...

Anyhow I'm off to buy a CF card to store some sounds. Can't wait. Next 92BPM might be pretty fresh. And speaking of 92 BPM, this 1st one was what i expected: attended by true fans of the riddims. Looks like I had gems and still did not even begging to get into what's out there. But I do have some surprises in store.

Shouts to my man Sylvr Mayne, Nick H, Oli etc... I could go on. Anyhow, come out for the next one for some of that Baptism by Beats from your man, El Salvador!



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