Friday, February 22, 2008

Mezzo Forte: MP Madness

Man, what a night. So, this was my 1st official gig inna min [read almost a decade - real talk], I had a f*cking blast. Essentially, this was all born out of RBMA. After seeing some now friends of mine rip it up, I just had to make that dip. It was the change I had been looking for.

So I showed up last night @ Andy's Pool hall w/ the MP in hand, as well as the recently bought Serato (those guys are ca$hing out hand over fist - not mad. That device is solid). In concept, after making all my midi assignments, I knew that this set up should work. And it did. I ran my whole set on the MP. Pitch and all. It was nuts, but fun. I need efx now. The blends were train wrecks @ times, but that was actually my 1st time using it. Seeen.

So I had a bunch of bangers that I had been longing to play for cats. Robotica, Future Beats, Hoodtronica - what ever tickles your fancy ---> it ran all night. And oh yes, some Detroit delerium as well. ;)

A massive shout to CRCL RSRCH. Let's build for sure. Lifetime of blies to Scarlett. Could not have started w/o you dude. Link up soon, seen?? Good look to the ones who came thru and repped. That bitter cold is so not sexy. Bday shout to Harold & Jee-EM. Shouts to my man BB for the shots. Needed those!!!

And whilst I'm beginning to get thing poppin for the Roboticaphiles, ppls like A.D.A.M. are showing cats how to change your style. BANGER!! Say wrd. Enjoy. (and yes, this was one of the man EIDs I dropped last night).


Heinz said...

damn, i didnt get to come out that day, i heard it was time for sure...yaowwww i need u to hit me with some beats! and this one u posted is nuts who did it?

cam_bodia87 said...

yoo, I was at that show and shit was tight. I was visiting my boy in t. that night and it was definitely a nice switch from the shit I hear in Ottawa here. Those beats you were playin at the start of the night were dirrty, I need some of those artists names yo!

AmbiDextrous Arts said...

whoa!! imagine my supreeeez to see this track up!!! 1ove, cuzzo, i appreciate it. looks like you had a great time and i'm glad i was there in spirit. i'll get the next to you when it's complete. PROPS!

AmDex for ADAM,
Clan Destined (VJC)

Ampsoulblogspot said...

hey Iya, your dat Dude!!! million shouts homie!!
MMH is future follow the new age

San Fran said...

You need to put out a new 'mixtape' kid...I miss those late nineties/early 2000 mixes you were doin' for a minute. I'm sayin' - to give cats who aren't in the TDot a taste :)